The Destruction of the Family Farm System

We live in the neolithic age. It began with the first agriculture, the saving of seeds, the taming of draft animals, and the trading of resources between neighbors. Trading and bartering are the original 'market'. They operate without money, value is set on the spot and stuff is exchanged. No paper work needed, no profits for an intermediary, no taxes, no nothing. The direct exchange of goods is a form of commons. This commons, this open space for exchange, is what agribusiness and government are trying to destroy.

Agribusiness has learned the corporate tactics, first figure out everybody that could possibly be a competitor to your bank financed scheme. Then you buy all the politicians you'll need to squeeze out all of 'em with campaign contributions and cushy jobs for their relatives. Next, you get the rules passed you want and watch the dough roll in.

Don't get me wrong. agribusiness is in a tough spot, there's only so much earth to exploit, these limits to 'growth' have the agribusiness community cringing. Added to that is the exploding 'buy local', organic, culture. How then did agribusiness shoehorn itself into the market of common exchange? Fear.

Fear rules in what might be the late neolithic, in this case fear of the 'unknown' toxins hidden, boogie man style, just waiting to get you. Our ancestors traded eggs for produce, they bartered meat for butchering. When i was kid the family next door made cider from their apples and traded it with my grandpa for fish. i helped grandpa fish up at the lake, we caught 'em by the creel full, grandpa would dig the little ones into his garden rows and bring a few larger ones up to the neighbor. We were goin fishin anyway gettin a couple extra was easy, the neighbor had a lotta apples and a big press. Fortunately for me grandpa left the cider barrel with a little ladle hangin outta my mom's sight. Fear...well i guess i feared gettin caught drinkin cider by my mom.

The Milk Warriors of British Columbia - The main reason for this anti farm produce hysteria, like milk, meats etc. is the long planned destruction of the family farm system and its replacement with the big, agribiz, corporate mafia by "conservative" governments.

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