Obama's National Deficit Commission Says 'The Rich Rule-The Rest Drool'

The National Deficit Commission proposals are totally one-sided and guess which side they favor? Like almost all politically chosen commissions, this one was made up of people who found exactly what the were looking for. The members of the National Deficit Commission contained no one who disagreed with its preordained conclusions. No one like Stiglitz or Krugman, two highly acclaimed economists, were chosen.

An except from the article linked below-an excellent and important article- that i hope every one of us reads: "The Commission’s proposal is the most naked, undisguised declaration of class warfare possible. Its agenda is not to reduce the deficit but rather to reduce what is left of the American middle class and American workers, to a condition of servitude, of feudal peonage. Their poverty will make them docile and subservient. This will make possible the final looting of America by those whose sociopathic greed has brought it so low already." - Robert Freeman.

The US economy is in deep doo-doo, massive debt in both the public and private sectors is the result of decades of voo-doo economics. Most Americans are convinced they are entitled to not live within their means. The debts they individually and collectively have run up amount to nothing more than mortgaging their children and grand children's future. Instead of honest discussion about their situation the politicians of all ilks lie to 'we the people' and print more money. They come up with endless happy-talk schemes designed to mollify any opposition while in reality their schemes always shovel more money from the many into the already bloated pockets of the few.

The rich have moved the good paying jobs out of America to make themselves richer on the backs of the poor. Not just the poor of far off lands, but all of the poor, including everyone who isn't them. Every corporation serves the same master-shareholders. No matter what chocolate covered pap they say, underneath the chocolate are the tools of your oppression. The corporate criminals use every trick they can dream up to divide the worldwide working class. So far, it's worked. But the rise of populist anger here in N. America and in Europe, hopefully, portends the end of the robber baron era. Don't listen to their lies, reject the false divisions for the divide and conquer tactics they are. So far in America this populist anger has come mostly from conservatives, now is the time for rest of the political spectrum to stand up on their hind legs and join in the fight.

It’s Official: Rich Declare War on the Middle Class - by Robert Freeman
The President’s National Deficit Commission has effectively declared that the rich will now go after what is left of working and middle class wealth and will take whatever steps are necessary to seize it. If allowed to succeed, their plan will reduce Americans to a state of serfdom.