Fundamentalism and Dogmatism, Mankind's Greatest Threat

Each of the 3 largest Abrahamic Religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, have many millions of followers worldwide, millions of good people doing their best to live their lives in peace and harmony with everyone else. They each have slightly different doctrines that their millions of believers gain comfort from. But each also has a group of fundamentalists within their ranks who believe that they are the only ones who hear the 'real' voice of god and that that voice is telling them 'the' truth.

Christians have their Deconstructionists, Islam has its Wahhabists and Judaism has it's Zionists. Each has very different teachings but they share their intolerance of any opposing opinions, they share their use of dogmatism, instead of debate, as a tool of power and control. Dogmatism is defined as “unfounded positiveness in matters of opinion,” and the “arrogant assertion of opinions as truths”. Religious fundamentalists are by far the worst political danger the world faces. There's no difference which 'book' they believe contains their god's own words, it's the unchallengeable, incontrovertible nature of their mindsets that creates the danger we now all face.

PM Harper gave a speech two days ago where, within two sentences he pledged to defend Israel "at whatever cost" and pledged "a relentless stand against anti-semitism". Israell is a country, Judaism is a religion. Yet our attention is constantly being diverted by the semantic trick whereby we equate Zionism and Judaism when they are two totally different things, the media and political leaders have mis-educated the western world by using the terms interchangeably. Israel's Zionists and settlement movement members are in the minority but they control the government. Harper's understands the difference, but he uses the terms interchangeably to appeal to his born again Christian supporters. The Christian Deconstructionists back the Zionists because their 'book' says that that's the road to heaven, to their Rapture. Anti-Zionism isn't anti-Semitism but the dogma of the Deconstructionists wants us to believe it is in order to serve their selfish delusions.

Wahhabists believe that Israel and its Zionists are the devil and the road to hell, as their 'sacred' book somehow tells them. So here we sit, hatred blossoms, wars rage, torturers torture, bombs kill innocent civilians, drones terrorize and kill innocent villagers. Why? Why does mankind face its greatest threat? Why are nuclear arsenal at the ready? Because fundamentalists of slightly different religious persuasion 'believe' that they, and only they, hear the true word of god whispering in their ear. But its the same voice every religious fanatic hears, it's the voice same Mohamed Atta heard, its their own inner voice telling them another self serving lie to justify another unspeakable act in the name of some imaginary ghost. Come on people Wake Up!