Big Day In Mud-ville

November 9th is one of my two favorite calender days each year, the other being June 19th. Those are the dates when my two daughters were born. The older daughter was born in 1971 the younger in 1989. i wish i could feel safe about using their names, pictures and specifics about why i'm such a proud dad, but unfortunately we live in a weird world and their security far out weighs my want to do so.

So...today my little girl turns 21, she is the best daughter a guy could ever have. She's nearly finished university and will end up with a combined BSc of Science and BSc of Nursing degree when finished. My big girl, and mother of my three grand kids, graduated university some years ago with a Bc of Science as a Bio-psychology major, then went on to earn her MS in Audiology. They both got where they are by hard work, they both have earned everything they've accomplished, they both freely make their own choices about the directions their lives take and it that in itself makes me very proud.

Twenty one was a big deal way back in the stone age when i was a kid, in today's world-not so much. Both of us parents though feel an extra bit of pride today as we see this milestone as we did back when we passed it. It was for us a line in the sands of time between our childhood and our adult status. i remember feeling the same kinda feeling when my older daughter passed it too. Regardless, we both love our little girl and are very proud of her.

i've spent the last 40years, nearly all of my adult life, doing my best to be a good dad to my girls. For sure other folks have done things differently, made different choices along the road, and for sure some of my choices worked out well-some not so much. But, like everything i ever did, i did it my way. i'm proud of my girls for lottsa reasons, but none more than the fact that they are doing/living their lives well and according their own worldview, who could ask for more.

Happy 21st Birthday Honey from one Proud Dad