The Flame Of Free Will

Interdependent we are, our biology determines the parameters of our action, but not its direction-not its intent. Freud said, "Anatomy is destiny." But Freud got lottsa stuff wrong, this too. Anatomy is the doer of deeds and the rules of the game, but not the chooser of which and why. Each of our destinies is unique because we have free will. The extent to which each individual gets to exercise their free will the greater their sense of independence and freedom. We are all connected by our anatomy, by our breath, by natural history, by our skin that connects us with the rest of creation.

Our actions are mediated by our emotions and worldview as well as anatomic realities. Emotions, and the sieve of assumptions we see the world through, determine our actions and therefore our destiny. Everybody can remember the energy and joy during a big positive emotional moment, and its opposite. 'The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat', without free will there's neither.

Medical science has shown with many studies that our emotional state has a huge influence or our physical health and our immune response. Emotions and perspective have leverage, each on the other and each on the result. Positive emotions are generated by a positive perspective which is often the product of successful outcomes especially those won by free choices. Free choices are choices taken independently by a 'chooser'. Free will is our one independent freedom, if we exercise it, like Arnold's arms, it'll grow and there will be more happy people ready to eat the happy buffalo...

We are all biologically dependent, but where the independence of spirit feeds the psychology of freedom, the spirit dependency does not so much. Dependency is a wicked problem, like independence, it feeds itself, is circular and it's a free choice. People, all people, need jobs, fair wage jobs that provide food and shelter for their families, jobs feed independence of spirit, freedom and the emotional state most conducive to all healing.

If letting the buffalo roam isn't your top priority yet maybe exercising your free will muscle might be. The flame of free will is extinguished by the depression of dependence be it individually or across the wider culture.

co-dependents in a culture of dependence...manana