Wikileaks' Iraq War Logs

"This disclosure is about the truth. We hope to correct some of that attack on the truth that occurred before the war, during the war, and which has continued on since the war officially concluded." - Wikileaks' Julian Assange

The Mud Report is very happy to be extended heartfelt thanks to Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange for having the courage to stand and speak out in the face of the public pressure applied to him and his website by the Pentagon and US State Department. He, of course, also knows that behind the scenes every western 'intelligence' agency has been covertly doing everything they can to discredit him or worse.

Today, following the release of these almost 400,000 classified documents, an offical Pentagon spokesman denied the US ever did any of the stuff their own documents tesity to. What else can you expect. The Pentagon, CIA, NSA, FBI, and State Dept. are lying liars telling lies, misinformation is their job, nothing new there. But to be fair, Canadian military and 'intelligence' up here in Canuckistan are no different about their exploits in Afghanistan or anywhere else. Neither are Brits, French, Chinese, Pakistanis, Aussies...any of 'em.

As Julian Assange also said as his opening statement at the press confrence after the Iraq War Logs release, "the truth is the first casualty of war". Thanks again to Wikileaks' Julian Assange for his brave actions on all our behalf. Hopefully he has ninja bodyguards and a phalanx of food testers surrounding him 24/7.

Iraq: The War Logs - How the US gave its troops a chilling order to ignore detainee abuse by Iraqi authorities, however severe.

US turned blind eye to torture - Leaked documents on Iraq war contain thousands of allegations of abuse, but a Pentagon order told troops to ignore them.