Marisol Valles Garcia, police chief of Guadalupe, Mexico and the 'War on Drugs'

Marisol Valles Garcia is a 20-year-old college student majoring in criminology and she's just been named the new police chief of Práxedis Guadalupe Guerrero, Mexico, not far from Ciudad Juarez often considered “the most dangerous city in the world.”. How did she land the job? Well, she was the only one who applied for it. The last police chief was gunned down by the warring local drug cartels in July 2009 and the town's mayor was murdered this past June. The town had been unable to find a replacement a chief for more than a year.

Public officials are often sitting ducks and many have been assassinated by drug cartels doing business in Mexico. Guadalupe, a town of 8,500 in the border state of Chihuahua, used to be a quiet farming community before two rival gangs began fighting for control of the drug trafficking route along the Texas border that runs through it.

The drug cartels in Mexico make huge profits servicing the US demand for illegal drugs. The cartels are prmarily made up of the children of poor rural and urban Mexicans who have for generations been kept dirt poor by the unequal distribution of wealth down there. The richos own everything in Mexico. They've bribed every government at every level, and killed any opposition that arose througout Mexico's history. More recently the Mexican's have had to suffer the embarrassment of being servents to the rich gringo tourists who often belittle them. The new generation had had enough, now there's a bloodbath and countless innocent Mexicans are dying along with cartel members.

As the huge sucking sound of America's addiction to drugs grew louder each year many young Mexicans decided to put down their hoes and serving trays in order to make more money by filling the empty hole that was once the American dream. The US fought back with their 'War on Drugs' which was destined from day one to be a total failure. The supply side deluded Americans were, and still are, convinced that they can control the drug trade at home and abroad if they jump a bit higher over the buffalo jump. They refuse to even consider that it's their attitude of intolerance that is the problem so they build 50ft walls and the cartels build 51ft ladders.

All this killing is totally unnecessary. The hypocritical Americans will defend their right to own guns with the logic: 'guns don't hurt people, people hurt people. They understand that gun control is stupid and pointless because it's criminals who must be controlled not objects. At the same time they steadfastly refuse to apply the same logic to drugs. Drugs don't hurt people, they're an object, ballast, it's people who hurt each other. So pretty 20 year old Marisol Valles Garcia is now in the crosshairs of the idiotic War on Drugs. One day my fellow Americans will have to wake up, i hope it's today.

Mexican student takes over police in drug war town. - When she was asked whether or not she was afraid, Marisol Valles replied: “Here, everyone is afraid, we are all afraid. But we are going to exchange this fear for safety.”