Recessions are the best time to find a Fixer-Upper

The honking Canadian geese just flew over. They come and go with the annual seasons. So do property prices though the period of their pendulum is more like a generation than a year. There are almost everywhere in the US great deals to be had on land and homes caused by the 'Great Recession'. Folks who've lived a cash life, like the illegal aliens have, who've spent only on necessities and saved every extra dime, are in a position now to make a great deal on a fixer-upper that's been forclosed on and abandoned. They, the unindebited, can build their new life on a foundation of hard work and savings.

The same thing happened to my grandfather who in 1931 moved his pregnant wife and daughter from New England, where the economy was diving, to Detroit where there still were decent paying auto industry jobs. He'd saved enough money working as an auto mechanic in Adams, Mass. to buy a little run down 2 story house. On the ground floor the family quickly renovated and opened a small general store, upstairs they lived and rebuilt. Grandpa worked on cars and trucks out in the backyard garage when there was work, they all ran the store together. By 1936 they had not only survived the 'Great Depression' but had taken a huge step foward financially in that they were a bit better off and most were way worse. They sold the house and store and moved back home now with enough cash to buy a little peice of land and build a home on it for their kids and eventually grandkid, moi.

Same sorta story happened up here in Western Canuckistan about 1980. Most folks had ridden the realestate boom of the 70s right into the toilet, forclosures were daily as most property was underwater and the banks held lottsa property folks had walked away from. That's when we bought our little farm. We met a homesteader from the previous generation who was going further behind every month. We made a deal that got them a new start and, if we could meet the baloon payments, got us a home with good land, good water and good air. We worked day and night 7 days a week and thanks to the gods of sweat and ganja we did it.

So now in the US, if a person or family has lived like the 3rd little piggy, they have a solid foundation to make the same kinda move my grandfather did. Up here we're behind the US on the collapse curve due to Canada's continued ride on the resource pony, but its time is running out. Therefore right now is the perfect time, especially in Canada, to begin your new life of resistance to the folly of capitialism, to launch your worldview out into the underground green economy, to save your dough while looking for the perfect fixer-upper.