Finding A Place To Make Your Stand

Not everyone realizes that they can shed their old worldview and lifestyle easier than a snake sheds its skin. Many urban dwellers have little experience with weeds and wheelbarrels. If that's you please check out Willing Workers On Organic Farms, it's an international organization that connects organic farmers with [you guessed it] willing workers. In exchange for your time each farm provides room, board and an immersion into the small organic farm lifestyle.

Many professional people use the agency to book their vacation time, some retired people travel from farm to farm as a lifestyle, lottsa young folks use the network like a system of work-hostels. The Canadian group has over 600 farms all accross the country available to choose from. If you're unsure about making a switch to 'la dolce vita' after spending a week or two doing real work, sweating real sweat, preparing and eating real food and sleeping the sleep of the tired, you'll know.

However it happens, one day it will if you're willing to work hard, save your cash and be patient. At the end of every dirt road is a perfect old homestead that's been built, worked on and lived in for decades. There's thousands of them out there in recession torn america. In lottsa them live old homesteader[s] now having trouble hanging on. Their kids have grown up and left, they aren't interested in poverty and sweat as a life's calling.

Working and traveling in an old RV down the blue highways maybe one day it'll be your turn to get lucky, when it is be smart. Offer the oldtimer[s] a couple of deals-options, one that allows them to stay on the homestead forever, one that gives them a way out with dignity. If they stay you move onto the property, setup your RV and start learning from your new partners how to do everything it takes to keep the place going. If they go [way worse for you, you need what they know] you'll give them your cash and your RV and a bunch more dough in debt that'll probably be serviced by a little corner of the green economy.