Esperanza Para Humanidad

Last night humans everywhere cheered as the first of the 33 trapped miners in Chile was reborn. Palestinians on one side of the barrier cheered as did Isrealis on the other. Chinese and Taiwanese cheered, Americans and Cubans, Indians and Pakistanis, Bosnians and Serbs all cheered. In southern Africa blacks and whites were elated, in the Middle East Shia and Sunni alike thanked Allah, Enviromentalists and corporate big wigs, Hindus and Muslims, Protestants and Atheists all cheered. i did too.

It was a unity unlike any except maybe the first moon landing i've experienced in my 62 years. When i went outside to let out a WAHOOO a couple minutes after that first miner emerged there were sirens blaring as the local fire fighters had been watching too.

All around the globe speed of light communications untied us in our hope for humanity, esperanza para humanidad. The sight of the capsule Fenix emerging from hades with the first liberated miner while his wife watched and his son cried was one of the most moving moments in my life.

What a wonderful feeling to be a part of that unity. "Imagine', as John Lennon said, "there's no countries and the world could be as one." Last night it was. Today, as the 24th miner emerges, it still is. Viva Chile! Viva Esperanza!