Canada seen as corrupt corporate puppet worldwide.

Aerial view of a small section the supertanker route that lies at the terminus of the proposed Enbridge bitumen pipeline from Ft. McMurray to Kitimat. Check out the new video Oil in Eden - The Battle to Protect Canada’s Pacific Coast for more details.

Canada's loss at the UN today of the international vote for Security Council seat is being spun by the theocratic Harperites as a condemnation of the Liberal opposition rather than the clear rejection of Canada's foriegn and enviromental policies. Harper's edition of governing Canada isn't really very different from what the Liberals are expounding now or the policies they pushed when they were in power under Chr├ętien and Martin.

Both the Conservatives and Liberals are bought and paid for by their corporate sponsors. Both unconditionally support Isreal in wharever they choose to do no matter how racist or hypocritical. Both proudly show off the brown lips they earned kissing the ass of the US whenever possible. Both support the Tar Sands disaster, the exporting of deadly asbestos though it's illegal here in Canada, both support Enbridge's pipeline to Kitimat BC and the tanker traffic connected to it. They are tweedledee-tweedledumb.

Today the United Nations' members clearly showed that the majority don't support the US and Isreali empire, their puppets, or the corporate resource wars. Good on 'em. Not that the UN has any clout, they don't, but at least once in a while the members get chance to stand up on their hind legs and pretend they are more than a debating club whose sole function is to grease the wheels of consumption of the globe's resources and further enrich the already over-gorged billionaires who bribe and corrupt almost all of their governments back home.

In Canada, the US and every self-styled democracy there are two social classes, the very few who own and control the corporate greedocracy, and the many who to often believe the propaganda that they somehow are also invested in this BIG LIE. The many want to believe that they too are the 'entitled' so they pull the wool over their own eyes. Democracy is a myth because noone speaks for the countless billions of flora, fauna, microbes and minerals, the voiceless fellow shareholders of our common weal.