Roger's Sportsnet 1 Knee Deep in the Big Muddy

Paul Beeston, current president of the Toronto Blue Jays, observed trying to answer the question: "Hey Paul, whadda ya think of Sportsnet One?"

Paul, like everybody else in Blue Jay Nation, knows the Rogers braintrust have thrown the Jays fans under the bus. The difference between Paul and the rest of us is that he's an owned man and we're not. Paul's a baseball guy recently turned into a vertically integrated corporate hack, he's yet to master the perfect ass-kissing technique so vaunted by his collegues, thus his moment of confusion when asked to choose between his team and his paymaster.

Eventually Paul spit out some pro-Rogers mumbo-jumbo and split. Everybody knows cutting off 85% of the nationwide fan base is insane especially the Blue Jays management.

Today/tonight under 40,000 will watch the Rangers vs. Jays on Sportsnet One. Some sports fans will watch the Canada vs. Honduras soccer game on all the regional Sportsnets but most will surf to TSN and the US Open. Rogers will lose at least 300,000 viewers and the advertising revenue to match. So it's a lose-lose-lose situation, we're all kneedeep in the Big Muddy and the fools at Rogers say push on.