Banks Rule, Workers Drool on Labor Day

There have been more than 300,000 foreclosure filings in the US every single month that Obama has been president. The Republican-Democratic robbing of the Treasury they call the 'Stimulas Package' kept the cleptocracy in power, kept Wall St. afloat and sank the working class. It's Labor Day, there's massive unemployment, millions are living in tent cities and on the streets. Where is the outrage?

In the US, government debt has reached a frightening 360% of US GDP. US government debt per person has soared from $16,000 per person in 2001 to $34,000 today, its unrepayable. The US simply prints more money every day to cover yesterday's excesses, it's bankrupt. But never mind, today the liar Obama is announcing another $50billion in stimulas, any bets in whose mits that dough will land or where it'll come from. Mine is it'll come from the Fed buying worthless T-bills with freshly minted money and it'll land in the hands of the bankers and their shareholders via interest and profits quicker than you can say The Toilet Bowl Theory of Economics.

Of course this game can't go on forever, sooner or later the Empire will obviously be naked and the whole thing will collapse. Whenever that day comes, and it could be a longtime comin as the capitialists and their corporate whores have a lotta treasure hoarded away that they'll try to use to divert the deluge, but me thinks a hard rains gonna fall.

Finally, the good news, in the aftermath of that collapsing economy, nature's bounty is poised for a comeback. The collapsing economy might salvage the living planet. When the collapse is complete, non-industrial cultures and non-human species will be relieved of tremendous, ongoing oppression by industrialization. Environmental advocate John Muir once said that he was better off than the billionaire E. H. Harriman. "I have all the money I want," Muir explained, "and he hasn't." And he never will have enough, neither will any of them fuckers in the Wall St. highrises. My advice on how the bankers can avoid the imminent collapse: Jump.