Team Canada still smiling at the LLWS

23-0, whadda thumpin eh. But i still couldn't have been prouder. Canada's team of 11-12-13 year olds from Little Mountain in Burnaby played hard, got knocked down and came up smiling. It was hardly a game, the Chinese Teipei kids were fantastic, i'm bettin they go all the way this year. Nonetheless the Canadian kids' and coaches' display of sportsmanship, comraderie and fun have shined through in the eyes of the broadcasters who were again beside themselves with praise for Team Canada's attitude and their example that the joy of the game trumps all.

Back in Feburary Canada had a felt wave of pride at our kids efforts and accomplishments in Vancouver. The elation coast-coast-coast the minutes after Sid the Kid's winner were unrivaled in my 41 years as a practising Canuck. What better ad could Canada get? The kids and coaches from Little Mountain maybe.

Little Leagues everywhere are 100% volunteer run. The genuine joy generated by the volunteers surrounding the Little Mountain team could be an aberation but i doubt it.

Tomorrow at 11am-pt Canada meets Panama in a re-match that this time is a knock out game. i'll be watching the Team Canada kids hustle, cheering for their success and beaming with BC pride at the victories they all have to come in the game of life in part because the truely great coaching they're getting.

Little Mountain lose crucial game, but deserve a medal for sportsmanshipThe Province