Imagine - Yes on Prop. 19

Imagine the frontpage headline 'California Legalizes Marijauna' on every media outlet accross the US on Nov. 3rd. Imagine the exhilaration in the hearts of millions. Imagine how difficult to will be for the feds to shove that genie back in its bottle. Imagine how uplifting it would be for the left to win something...anything. Remember how elated the youth and the left were when we all were deluded into believing Obama wasn't a liar, this could be bigger.

Most of the polls so far have shown Prop 19 leading by about 10 points statewide. Breaking those stats down shows that unlike gay marrige or immagration marijauna legalization is a wedge issue for social conservatives because libertarians, usually considered ultra conservative, support Prop 19 overwhelmingly. Both gun owners and non-gun owners support it. Blacks support it, though not as broadly as libertarians, vets support it...Marijuana legalization's supporters cross many of the traditional demographic blocks. Imagine how the left-right stalemate could be jettisoned in favor of a unified working class throwing off their shackles...ok-ok, that's a bit much, my imagination runneth wild.

Many of the folks who already grow pot for the underground market are worried that legalization will put them outta business, that prices will plummet, that Wal-Mart will start growing mountains of the stuff...i doubt it. The corporations will be scared shitless to invest in an industry that will still be illegal according to federal law. The prices won't drop much, if at all, because the demand for legal pot will soar and not just among Californian's as millions will travel there as pot tourists hungry for the little taste of freedom legal bud would provide. Imagine.

For sure, if it passes, the feds will try to stop it in the courts. But the facts on the ground will belie their efforts. The day the headlines read 'California Legalizes Marijauna' the battle will be won in the hearts and minds of us heathens. The Mud Report asks in the name of Jack Herer that every Californian Vote Yes on Prop. 19

Survey USA Poll Gives California Marijuana Initiative Ten Point Lead - Most of the polls so far have shown Prop 19 leading, but having a tough time getting over the 50% mark. Still, that suggests that Prop 19 can get to that magical 50% plus one by winning over even a very small percentage of undecided voters -- so long as it can keep the voters that it has and get them to the polls.

As vote looms, Northern California ponders how to peddle legal pot - The country and world will be looking at us over this, we need to recapture the sense of freedom and possibility that the '60s were all about," Smithers said. "I would capture that hippie mystique. This is a tie-dye market."