Rapacious Logging in the Boreal Forest

The Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA) brings together FPAC's 21 member companies and nine environment groups, many of which have fought a bitter battle for many years against what they have sometimes criticised as rapacious logging. As part of the new deal, environmental groups including Greenpeace, ForestEthics, and Canopy have agreed to suspend their “Do Not Buy”, to suspend criticism of the industry and other boycott campaigns aimed at the forestry companies.

Once again the enviromental movements 'heavy hitters' are being co-opted by corporate and banking interests. Industry serves one master, profits for its shareholders, no other god may come before it, certainly not the bloddy cariboo. Industry will trot their new greenie weenies out at the first smell of protest by other, non-aquiesent protestors. As part of the agreement those now co-opted 9, heavy hitter, enviro groups have agreed to suspend criticism of the industry and calls for boycotts. Suspend criticism of the industry, wow, a few days ago the forest industry practiced rapacious logging, now no criticism allowed

The Enviromental movement has, in many areas lately, been blasted for compromising their ideals in exchange for some wigglely promises that soon unravel in a cascade of lawyers and accountants, here we go again. Industry managers want fiber for their mills, sales managers want a green paint job, the P.R. room spins jobs into every interview. It takes about 1/10 the jobs now than it used to, machines replaced the loggers, shutdown the inappropriate technology and there'd be lottsa jobs back in forestry quick.

The 'heavy hitter' enviro groups have lost touch with their ideals, to get onboard with the institution who's goal it is to convert all the riches of the earth into dollars, to agree to shut up, sounds less than ideal to me.