The Boreal Forest is Alive

Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement has started to draw fire from greaasroots enviromental groups and especially first nations groups who feel they have been totally left out of the agreement. Some others feeling left out are the birds-bees-microbes-trees and their cousins. The huge clearcuts that a few days ago were a rape of the forest are now supported by the mainstream enviromental bigshots.

The Boreal Forest is said to be an irreplaceable part of the lungs of the earth. The forest includes a of mydrid species of flora and fauna above ground and a far larger cast of millions below ground. The living forest recycles our air and sequesters our carbon-dioxide. It's an intertwinned living unit, it's not fiber as the industrialists would have us say. Words matter, a forest lives, huge clearcuts replanted with GM clones, tended with herbicides, fed with petrochemicals doesn't.

The mainstream enviromental groups have agreed to a 3 year deal, so it's very temporary, during which time over 90% of the forest will be continue to be clearcut, killed, raped as before but now with no well funded opposition critics. While over 90% of the forest is under assualt the remaining less than 10% that is being 'set aside' will have it's future assessed and re-assessed as to it's future productivity. So the deal is short term, subject to change whenever the corporations want and the natives groups are opposed the destruction of the great forest, any and all of it, me too.

The Forest Cariboo are a part the unbroken whole of the forest. They don't just live in the tiny unconnected enclaves granted them by the corporate/enviro boondoggle, the cariboo are connected to the ecosphere as we all are. The cariboo will only be saved when the whales are saved, and the bugs, the slugs and the fungus are saved. They'll only be saved if 'we the consumers' have compassion for all of our interconnected, interdependent lives. i greive for the 100% of the forest that the industrialists will now turn to fiber without critisism.

Boreal Forest Conflicts Far From Over
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