Holly was a very good kitty

Holly passed away this morning while being petted and loved by me. Holly was 15 years old and had lived a full life. She was our friend and we loved her as she loved us. We'll miss her always.

Holly came to live with us as a baby kitten just 8 weeks old. About a week later another kitten named Beth moved in as well. The two kittens played, romped and tore around inside and out of our big old rambling farmhouse. We'd lost our last cat durng the preceeding winter, prey no doubt to one of the bigger predators who live all around us here. We needed Holly and Beth, they were our partners on our little farm as much as they were our friends and companions. When you live in on a little farm in the country mice-moles-schrews live everywhere around you. It's only natural they try to move into your warm dry house especially as winter comes on and your woodstove makes everything homey for all.

Holly and Beth each had a litter of babies on almost exactly their first birthday. Holly was an exceptional mom to all of the kittens. She looked after hers as well as Beth's. Holly carried the kittens back to the spare bedroom the mothers adopted as a nursery every time they came out to sniff at and crawl over our dog Happy. She nursed them all, bathed them all, took them outside and taught them to hunt once they were big enough. There was a hawk's nest at the edge of the forest and the hawk parents would swoop down trying to catch the kittens. Holly would leap up and intercept the diving hawks flashing her own deadly claws. The mid-air battles were incredible. Holly protected her babies. Holly was a great mom to her kittens.

For the first 13 of Holly's 15 years as our partner we all lived on a small farm. She had her best friend Beth who died about 5 years ago. She lived shoulder to shoulder with Happy a black lab cross and our best friend. She lived with 3 llamas, countless generations of chickens, goats and her people. Holly outlived all of them except her people. She was exceptionally healthy all of her life never once being sick or injured. Every morning Holly came to greet me as i got up and rushed to take a pee. She'd rub herself on my legs as i stood at the toilet. She purred and snuggled on my chest as i watched TV during our 'petting time' in the evenings. Holly followed us and the dogs on short walks through the trails near our home. Holly was a good kitty.

Holly died early this morning in my arms, we loved her, she loved us.