Chris Hedges - Radical

Today's article 'The Greeks Get It' at TruthDig.com is the next step in Hedges radical evolution. He starts off, "Here's to the Greeks. They know what to do when corporations pillage and loot their country." He goes on to nicely outline why there are riots and flames in the streets of Greece. Then he goes into how and why western capitialism is killing the planet. How corrupt the system is, how ineffectual the Progressive movement is, how unfettered the truely radical solutions we need are.

Before and after reading Empire of Illusions i've noticed Hedges articles becoming more radical each time. Hedges closes 'The Greeks Get It' by saying "the Radical goes along the road pointed out by his own individual conscience; if History is going his way, too, he is pleased; but he is quite stubborn about following ‘what ought to be' rather than ‘what is.' "

Hedges' turn toward the inevitability and even disireability of economic collapse has been admirable. i suggest that his articles further turn toward a personal ethic of wanting less, toward a regognition that the concept of dominion is our culture's greatest illusion and toward a worldview where all forms are merged and all life is scared.

" Politics is how you live your life, not whom you vote for!" -Jerry Rubin