Jack Herer, The Hemporer

Jack Herer, aged 70, passed away last Thursday, April 15th, at his home in Eugene Oregon with his wife Jeannie at his side. Jack hadn't been doing well since a heart attack last fall. He will be remembered as the father of the modern pot legalization movement. His untimely death comes only about 6 months before California's referendum on legalization.

Jack's 1985 book The Emperor Wears No Clothes has sold nearly three quarters of a million copies in eleven releases, and has been translated into twelve different languages. It was and still is the best marijuana/hemp history ever written. The Emperor has given hope to millions of people including me. Its given us talking points and facts to back up our arguements about marijuana usage and legalization. It's also an in depth look at how politics are controlled by special interest and big money. In that way Jack's seminal book stands as a classic in political history/philosophy. To read excerpts from The Emperor Wears No Clothes for free online, visit http://www.jackherer.com/.

Jack Herer didn't just talk or write, he walked the walk, he spent his entire adult life fighting for the normalization of marijuana laws worldwide. Jack is a hero to the cause and to me. Jack and Jeannie carried the torch for 5 decades. What more fitting tribute could there be than a victory in the upcoming California referendum and the dozen others this fall.