Everyday is Earth Day

The fact there is an Earth Day shows how divided we are from it. Every day, every hour, every breath is a celebration of our connectedness with all things including the earth. Our delusion of seperation plants the seed from which grows division upon division. The Apollo Astronauts took the image above many years ago. When they experienced the earth as one it was a life changing experience for them.

Few will ever have the chance to be awakened to our unity by escaping it and looking back as they did. Instead we can find the same wonder everywhere and anywhere we are. Water can appear independent as a drop yet merge instantly into lake-river-ocean. Air is the same, fire, wind, gravity, etc. We have no problem understanding their underlying unity. Today, on our walk through Cliff Gilker Park, we'll spend a moment touching the falling water, breathing the communal air, feeling the forces of wind-gravity-sunlight and giving thanks for the fleeting moments when the delusion of individuality evaporates and allows us a moment of peace.

Mother Earth will survive our short destructive era, our fear driven grasping for more, our assignment of arbitrary values like us/them or yum/yuck. One life, one love, one heart, one breath, one mud unites us all. Everyday is Earth Day.

Awaken, Eaarthlings! (An Earth Day Missive)