Turncoat Dennis Kucinich to Vote 'Yes' on Health Care

Guess i oughtta learn, hope i do some day, never to believe a word any politician says. Kucinich, the darling and hope of idealists everywhere, has flip-flopped. He got on Air Force 1 an opponent of the disasterious health care bill and got off a supporter. Makes a guy wonder what happened during that flight, what stick did the Obomber and his henchmn use on 'poor Dennis'? Or what carrots did they offer? Guess it doesn't really matter. The truth is that yesterday Dennis Kucinich was a hero, today he's just another bum.

I would like to thank Jane Hamsher of Fire Dog Lake for her immediate response and demand of 'poor Dennis' to give back all the dough that was donated to him through her campaign to raise funds for him and his now abandoned campaign of opposition to the multi-billion dollar health care boondoogle.

Finally i'd like apologize to any and everyone who might have followed my own windmill tilting belief that any politicican in any country might ever care more about ideals than expediency. If and when Dennis does vote for what he still says is a terrible bill it'll be the end of him being viewed by me and millions of others as a champion of doing the right thing. To bad, so sad, cause there's damn few left.

"I'm sorry that we have lost someone on whom we thought we could rely to oppose this corrupt bailout for the insurance industry. But rest assured, we have not yet given up this fight."Jane Hamsher, Fire Dog Lake