Spineless Democrats Roll Over Again

The 'progressives' in the US Congress are rolling over again. Every dog owner knows the signal of submission that rolling over and showing your stomach means in dog language. The same signs mean the same thing in human language. Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio was a champion of the powerless and an enemy of the corporate state until his flip-flop and rollover move this past wendsday.

Yesterday's article by Glenn Greenwald is an excellant statement on why and how this rollover by the 'self styled' progressives in Washington means the end of them having any power in any debate for years, perhaps generations, to come.

What's not debatable is that this process highlighted -- and worsened -- the virtually complete powerlessness of the Left and progressives generally in Washington. If you were in Washington negotiating a bill, would you take seriously the threats of progressive House members in the future that they will withhold support for a Party-endorsed bill if their demands for improvements are not met? Of course not. No rational person would.- Glenn Greenwald

Healthcare matters to the millions of working poor, homeless and those with pre-existing conditions [which pretty much is all of us sooner or later]. Having lived in Canada for the last 40 years it's very easy to see how bullshit has baffled brains in this debate, how the pomises have evolved into another massive transfer of wealth from the already beleagured american middle-class to their corporate masters, and why the spineless Democrats will get the ass-kicking they deserve next fall.

Has Rahm's Assumption about Progressives been Vindicated?You betcha!