WANT LESS... Want Less... want less

You're getting sleepy... Your legs are feeling heavy...Your arms are feeling heavy...You're falling into a deep sleep. Deeper. Deeper, but you can still read this blog [mysteriously]. You're thinking about peer pressure, the power of others' opinions over you. You're thinking about how hard it is to be different, how important it is to be cool. You're thinking stuff = cool in our culture, want more+get more = more cool, the calculas of cool.

But is it? Or is more stupid stuff really a bummer? You're still deep asleep but you're thinking consuming stuff might be more about what others expect than what you do. Peer pressure is just a little fear, almost everybody has it, not a big deal, everybody wants to be cool. But you sense cool is never about what was, it's about what will be.

You're starting to wake up slowly, you're seeing that what's coming next is a disater if wanting shiny new stuff stays cool. You're waking up more by the minute. You see that your children and theirs need you, they need you to really be cool, they need you to want less.

Your eyes are wide open, you feel a new energy, you're thinking about starting a little veggie garden, about patching a few holes in your wardrobe, about reading a book. In the back of your mind you can still hear a little voice saying "want less, want less, want less".