One thing can't be denied

As it was in Galileo's time, laws that forbid asking questions don't protect the truth, they protect vested interests. Those vested interests, in their turn, use the courts to enforce adherence to their version of the truth.

Nobody jails people who claim to have seen bigfoot. Nobody arrests people who think Elvis is still alive. Only in one area of history is the mere asking of a question or the performance of a laboratory test grounds for imprisonment for a crime deemed so evil that even the truth is not allowable as a defense.

For all histories countless atrocities the victims cry out for more examination, more study, more research. Only in this one area do the victims work so hard to punish anyone who wishes to take a closer look. We are all asked to buy the used car without being allowed to check out just what kind of engine is under that hood.

Like most Americans, I grew up being taught and believing the orthodox accounts of the history of WW2. But the older i got the more i learned that the saying 'truth is the first casuality of war' is true and was true during WWII. What do i know, anything might have happened back then, but i do know i get queasy when historians, chemists, and researchers are punished for asking a question, and begin to suspect some old secret could be being hidden...

"Deny Anything, Like Evolution or 9/11 Bushco Complicity; But You Can’t Deny the Holocaust!"