Wiebo Ludwig...saint or sinner?

Wiebo Ludwig and his ongonig war with the corporate state, consumerism and big oil form an interesting lense through which we can view our preconceptions. On the one hand most Canadians see Wiebo through the eyes of the corporate media which drumbeats the view of social order and business as usual. On the other, many people see Wiebo's fight as a Don Quixote like quest in defense of his ideals and respect him for it.

Contradictions, Wiebo's full of 'em. As a fundamentialist christian, Wiebo serves a personal god, believes that his work will earn him a direct line to heavan on the rapture express once armageddon happens [any day now from many reports]. Wiebo hears the voice of his god and follows his commands, Wiebo is delusional, but happy about it.

Wiebo and his family work an organic farm, heat with wood, have solar hot water heat and windmill generated power. The family believes the best way to stop big oil's profiteering is to stop buying their products, and they don't just talk it they do it. Wiebo is soft spoken, charismatic, and works hard everyday keeping his family and farm going. If only he weren't sucha deluded nut case i'd applaud his bombastic lifestyle.

Below is a good biography of Wiebo and his family. Read up on Ludwig, his story is everywhere right now because the authorities think he's trying to scam them outta money by saying he can stop the Dawson Creek bombings of Encana's gas pipeline infrastructure if only they'll pay him to help. Like most eveything Wiebo is a Rorschach drawing for us to project our prejudices on. We view everything through our own cultural/experiencial/conditioned veil including Wiebo Ludwig.

Oil industry foe Ludwig spent lifetime revolting against authority
Wiebo Ludwig's life has always been stormy, marked by conflict with his family, his wife, his church, his neighbours, the oil industry, the police.