The Simpsons turn 20

Our family have watched The Simpsons faithfully throughout the years. We've seen many episodes numerous times. In each and every re-watched episode we've been rewarded with details that were overlooked before. The Simpsons have pulled off social commentary that other mainstream media won't go near week after week, year after year. Our kids have been raised watching it with us. The questions and answers stimulated by the show have helped hugely to bridge the boomer-i-tooner generation gap.

Matt Groening's animated characters started in the late 80s on Tracey Ullman's show and grew into a global phenomenon. The Simpsons is where the stars hang out, apparently if you haven't done a guest appearence of the show, you're outta the upper echelon in twinkle town.

The 20th anniversary special is happening tonight, Jan 10th on thousands of stations, and in millions of homes. It's the450th episode of the best that TV has to offer.
Be there or be square!