Bernie Sanders' Support Among Independent and Young Voters Key to Having 'Long Coattails' in Nov.

The times they are a changin' for Bernie vs. Hillary and maybe much more. The large CNN poll released a couple day ago that shows Bernie leading 51 to 43 over Hillary in Iowa and 60 to 33 in New Hampshire have changed the complexion of the Democratic race and produced a groundswell of enthusiasm throughout the media inside America and out. Sanders also is the strongest Democrat against the leading Republican candidates according to almost all polls.

Bernie's lead in Iowa and N.H. is growing based on his positions which reflect the hopes of the vast majority of young and independent voters as well as true progressives everywhere. For instance today's article at Common Dreams - 'Porter Ranch 'Climate Disaster' Shows Need for National Fracking Ban: Sanders' - isn't just hype aimed at environmentalist voters, Bernie has been on the ground 'saying and doing' his whole life. Same for equal rights, same for inequality, same for...well...every position he espouses. Whether you agree with his positions or not [and i do] almost everyone agrees Bernie is the real deal.

Bernie, like Donald Trump [in almost exactly opposite directions] is tapping into the same river of discontent with the elites running through the entire developed world, including America. The differences between the two on the issues is mirrored by their characters. Where Trump appeals to working class resentment and fear of immigration, Bernie appeals to the hope of a progressive future for us all. As Susan Rose said, in one of the best sentences i've read on the topic earlier today: "It's a very ugly time... but out of the carcass of collapse, a Phoenix will rise and in such times of crisis, enormous, unprecedented change occurs. This time, much of it may point to a new Progressive Era."

Most importantly, IMO, Bernie's enthusiastic support by both the young and independent voters is the key. At the moment neither hope nor fear would gain traction in a US congress that's a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bankers and Billionaires' Club, an undisputed fact by both sides of America's political crevasse. The only way Sanders or Trump could carry through with their promises, be they a Mexican border fence or Medicare for all, is if they have 'long coattails' and bring in with them a huge change in the makeup of Congress itself. Bernie, i'm glad to say, has the support of exactly the voters necessary to accomplish that - the young and the independents.

Today is a great day for Bernie. Bernie has the opportunity and momentum to change the course of American politics and policy,.if he does he could change the world.