Will Canada's Legal Pot Laws Favor Chemical Laden Corporate McBud or Small, Organic and Sun Grown?

Real organic sun powered outdoor pot is the healthiest thing to smoke

Yesterday an old friend from California sent me a link to the 'Emerald Cup in Santa Rosa' and  i'm very glad he did. If, like me, you've never heard of this contest before it's very neat. It started 12 years ago as a way to celebrate the outdoor harvest in Humboldt and Mendocino counties, often referred to as the Emerald Triangle. It's evolved since then into a state wide competition dedicated to selecting the best organic, sun grown pot.

One of the judges included painter Trixie Garcia, daughter of the late Grateful Dead leader Jerry Garcia who said "It was an honor to be selected as a judge", but acknowledged it was a difficult task to pick a few favorites because all the entries are so good.

i've been a pot grower up here in British Columbia for 40 years and i've always been an organic grower and although i did have to go underground and electric bunker style at times up here in our climate. Even then i always grew organically though i knew that choice meant i'd produce less and have to work much harder. i did it as part of my ongoing attempt to grow my own of as much as possible of everything i put into my body organically including food and marijuana from the garden.

Up here in Canada our new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government are going to legalize pot for recreational use in the next little while. They already have a committee of MPs working on the details who have said Canada is studying and will probably follow the Colorado model or something similar. IMO, that's a mistake because it encourages a corporate type bank financed McBud system.

The reality is that growing McBud style pot doesn't mean only using artificial fertilzers it means using cancer causing pesticides and fungicides to control the very real natural predators that reproduce exponentially in the unreal environment. The knowledge of the amount of chemicals that are incorporated into every toke of corporate McBud from the fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides necessary in the 'controlled environment' style of production will, like it is already for foods, expand very quickly especially as the consumers of legal pot will mostly be non-corporate/lefty-ish folks who are already primed to make those connections.

What will happen after the initial novelty of being able to buy pot legally and smoke it without fear is that the small, organic and sun grown model will emerge from the backyards where it already is very successfully getting folks high.

Like in food production, the banks love and usually insist on an industrial style set of 'best practices' to be followed as part of loaning the money to build the extensive facilities and buy the equipment necessary to mimic the free services that nature provides to the outdoor, sun powered, organic gardener.

So that's why, just as it is with local foods movement, the corporate model will fail up here in BC just as it's already showing signs of failing in Colorado where the tourists still buy the over priced dispensary weed but the locals have, by and large, returned to buying from the same longtime growers they always did or growing their own legally.

One of BC's small growers tending his outdoor manure fed sun powered pot.

What that means, unfortunately, is that many good folks will go into massive debt to the banks because the legal structure will appear to favor corporate McBud then fail financially within a year or two, losing the homes they've put up as collateral, when the novelty wears off. So unless the Canadian government is smart enough to foresee this and instead of following the corporate model adopt a small is beautiful model that would mean lots more jobs for actual people and lots less interest for the bankers, the little guys will have far lower prices and a better organic product even up here in Canuckistan with our less than Emerald Triangle, perfect climate.

i sure hope Trudeau reads The Mud Report, i sure hope lots of good people who think they're gonna make alotta money don't lose their life's savings chasing an empty dream.