We're all immigrants or the descendants of immigrants, even the FNs people who came from Asia long, long ago. i'm of Irish descent, when my ancestors came here a few generations ago they were widely defamed and beaten though they too were simply trying to escape an unjust situation that threatened the safety and future of their families. The same was true of those from India, China, Italy, etc. down through Canadian history.

The fear mentioned in today's Tyee article 'As Assaults on Muslims Increase, Canada at a Crossroads' is the fear of 'other' which is part of the widespread human fear of the unknown. We are, fortunately, getting better slowly as a species at overcoming the fear of 'other' through the combined effects of education and the shrinking of our modern world through communications and travel.

We are all cousins, but, as the powerful have long known and exploited, we can be divided by the power hungry few who would use our fears as their wedge. As long as we remain divided our focus will be on some imaginary 'other' not on those who continue to pillage every corner of the earth.

What i fear is that we won't wake up in time.