Harper's Latest Lies About Trudeau's Liberal Policies Smell of Desperation and Impending Defeat

The last few days Harper and his team of fear-mongering publicists have sunken to a new low, even for them. This time their fear campaign is running in Chinese and Punjabi-language newspapers, radio stations and circulating flyers in Richmond and South Vancouver, as well as the Richmond Hill and Markham areas of Toronto — ridings with a large percentage of Chinese and Punjabi-speaking residents.

The Harper-Cons latest pack of lies smells of desperation, apparently they know that now that their only hope is one of Layton Crosby's dirty tricks.  The advertisements characterise Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau as supporting the sale of marijuana to children, and the establishment of safe-injection sites and neighbourhood brothels. "It's absolutely not true," said Harjit Sajjan, the Liberal candidate for Vancouver South." Adding, "I find it very disturbing that the Conservatives would actually turn to a tactic that goes beyond their fear and divisive tactics."

The Huffington Post article 'Conservative Party Advertising Aimed At Chinese, Punjabi Voters Raise Concerns' explains what's going on in more nuanced terms but i just can't, i'm to pissed off to try. Harper is a corporate puppet. His years of fear, lies and pandering to ignorance and division are nearly over and he knows it.

One idea i ran into this morning sounds like a great idea to me as it suggests turning the tables on the Cons huge war chest and using it against them: "Maybe vote for the candidate most attacked by the Conservatives, seeing as they have more money to 'research' the greatest threat and slander their existence as only they know how. This happened last week in my riding with huge hate mail propaganda on Facebook and flyer delivery against the local liberals." - Mindcraft 

Harper's desperate tactics took a upswing the day after the Liberals new ad came out. In it Trudeau sounds like an orator especially Trudeau's line "it depends on YOU" with his hand gesture. It's very well shot, great colors, great timing, it's little wonder the Cons are desperate.