Finally, It's Heave Steve Day...Hopes, Fears and Predictions on This Evening's Outcome

It's been a marathon but within about hours the results will start rolling in. The smart money is on a Liberal minority government, and i hope they're right. But i fear from my gut that Quebec's history of changing horses en masse during elections could be the wild card that gives Trudeau what i hope doesn't occur...a majority.

In the end Steve appeared with the Fords and looked right at home, Steve is done. From coast to coast to coast Harper is the most hated P.M. in living memory. Other than his rock solid base of the religiously delusional and the scumbag corporate elites will ensure he doesn't get skunked, Harper is toast.

The Harper Cons will come second only because the NDP's campaign was uninspiring [to be kind]. The NDP has a solid base too and it's about the same size, though less reliable on voting day than the Cons'. The NDP's drop will be worse than generally predicted i fear both because of Quebec's block voting proclivity and in Ontario where Trudeau was already well ahead before the Rod and Doug Ford rallies, now there will be more of a landslide to their best bet to Heave Steve..

So, being a gut betting type, i'll predict a majority Liberal govt. Being a partially pshyotic human i'm hoping my best of all possible fantasies of the Liberals coming up 1-2 seats short of an outright majority and E. May's Greens win those one or two comes true.

No matter how it ends up tonight, all of us are going to have to hold Trudeau to his promises. If there's another party he has to listen to, great. But if it's only Elizabeth May, we could easily do a lot worse.