An Open Letter to Leadnow Concerning Your Vancouver-Granville Recommendation Decision

Dear Leadnow, As you know by now the recommendation you made in Vamcouver-Granville is being widely condemned as incorrect because of the flawed final step in the process which has allowed the pledge signers 'vote' to be swamped by NDP supporters creating a recommendation outcome that's both incorrect and throws a very bad light on all your other recommendations despite your good intentions [which i've supported far and wide] and the rest of your process that has been even handed.

The fact is there's still 3 more days, plenty of time for Leadnow to withdraw it's recommendation because of the unforeseen flaw in the process.

Please, this mistake will not only cost Leadnow a setback in its reputation but could create the conditions where the Cons come up the middle and win, which is exactly the opposite of your intentions...and mine. Further were that to happen and were the overall seat count to be end up in a dead heat, it could be that your mistaken process causes Canada irreparable harm and allows Harper to win by virtue of the Vote Together block being mis-placed.

PLEASE, you've been asking us all along to do the right thing for the greater good, now it's your turn to do the right thing for the greater good.

Thanks, Bob Wiley