Harper's Phantom Budget Surplus a Pack of Lies and Broken Promises, by Mogs Mogilo

Now let's talk a little about Steve's 'phantom budget surplus' rumored to be $1.4 billion as of April 21 2015. This is coming from a government that has the worst performing economy of the G-7 and has had 7 budget deficits in a row. How did the harper-con government manage to rearrange [cook] the books to get a deficit in a recession?

Simple arithmetic tells us how. "...the Harper government transferring $ 57 billion from the old Employment Insurance Account to the Prime Minister Office’s general revenues in 2010. ..." "...By excluding the $ 57 Billion in the current budget, for the first time in Canadian history a prime minister has been able to circumvent the parliamentary system of budget scrutiny for such a large amount of money...."

"...What is Mr. Harper going to do with it? Will the PMO “Account” become
his very own hedge fund? Or might Canadians pressure his government to
finance an economic strategy to fight underemployment? The answers to
these questions remain unclear at the moment, but one thing is very
clear to me of what should be done; the money collected beyond what the
law permitted should be returned to where it came from in the first


"What is Mr. Harper going to do with it?" Dirty tricks, election cheating, fund Pierre Poutine etc a slush fund for harper?

It is obvious what harper did with the money he stole from the unemployed who cannot get qualified for EI even though they lost their jobs through no fault of their own but through Harper's mismanagement of the economy he made the vulnerable pay for his own sins. There is no money for them because harper took it. If a president of a company did a similar thing transferring employee benefits or payroll deductions [employee paid] into the companies general account there would be hell to pay.

Further Oliver was lose with the budgetary books [April 21, 2015]:

"...Finance Minister Joe Oliver delivered a federal budget that boasted a
narrow $1.4-billion surplus, scoring a politically critical goal just
six months before a scheduled election in October.

To get there, Oliver took the unusual step of draining $2 billion out
of the budget's $3-billion rainy-day reserve, which is supposed to be
set aside for unforeseeable events like natural disasters. ..."


Now we have $59 Billion to play with stolen from funds that were allocated for different purposes not for balancing a serial seven year budget deficit. Then of course that was not enough for the Harper gang.

"Monday's report on the final 2014-15 accounting also show the government
under spent on direct program expenses by $1.5 billion last year —
lapsed funds that opposition parties say were budgeted for everything
from veterans services to transportation safety and services for the
disabled." Now $60.5 Billion.


Okay so Lac Megantic did not have to happen but Harper took the money. Vets seniors and the disabled could have been treated with dignity but no again harper took the money. Why? So he could deliver his base a stolen 'balanced budget' on the backs of the less fortunate. His budget is tainted so bad it stinks and I can smell it from here.

The modern day robbing hood harper is stealing from Canada's social fabric to support multi billion dollar industries and the wealthy who control them.

"In 2000, the Canadian federal corporate tax rate was 28%; by 2014, it had dropped to 15%. Cuts to corporate taxes since 2007 are costing the Canadian federal government up to $13 billion per year in foregone revenue."

"Canadians for Tax Fairness estimate that Canadian corporations have $199 billion stashed in offshore tax havens, costing $7.8 billion per year in lost tax revenue. A 2014 Citizens for Tax Justice study found that 72% of Fortune 500 companies operated subsidiaries in tax haven jurisdictions in 2013."

"A 2015 International Monetary Fund (IMF) report pegged global energy subsidies at $2 trillion in 2013. In Canada, the externalized cost to government of the subsidies amounts to $34 billion per year. The IMF calls these subsidies to oil and gas companies “perverse subsidies”..."

"In total, the Harper-led Conservative federal government is deliberately and knowingly costing itself over $68 billion a year, mostly to the benefit of corporations.
- It has $13 billion less income a year because it lowered corporate tax rates.
- It has $14 billion less income a year because it lowered GST / HST tax rates.
- It has $7.8 billion less income a year because it allows – or abets? – corporate tax avoidance.
- It costs itself $34 billion a year from the impacts of its perverse subsidies to the non-renewable energy sector"


So Harper steals from rainy day funds, veterans, seniors, disabled persons, medicare, EI, Transportation Safety, Science Funding, Cutting the Civil Servants workforce the list is endless and who are the beneficiaries at the expense of the Harper-Con Government being a "proactive role in the social, environmental, and economic well-being of our society"? Forbes 500 corporations and the wealthy that control them.

"The Big Heist - Canada continues to let billions leave the country tax free"



To many Canadians who have had their livelihoods ripped asunder and found zero help no social safety net that had been created over decades see harper as an immoral liar cheat and thief who only cares about the wealthy and environmentally destructive industries.

With the secrecy Harper has established around himself and his governments doings [The Harper Government not a Canadian Government] and the gag orders he has placed on scientists Cabinet Ministers his caucus and all federal employees we will not find the whole truth until we eliminate all cons from parliament do your part on October 19th to ban robbing hood harper and his ghoulish cons.

"While reviewing the latest edition of the federal government's little-known legislative bulletin, The Canada Gazette, Canadian Press reporter Jim Bronskill noticed a troubling detail: a new order is now on the table that would dramatically expand the number of current - and former - federal government employees under a lifetime gag order, potentially curbing the right to free expression for thousands of Canadians."

Why would he do that? In order to subvert all future lawsuits against his government and himself, which are in the making...


Does anybody need more compelling reasons to end this conf*ckery?


Today's post is a copy of the comment Mogs made this morning at the Tyee and re-printed here with permission by Mogs Mogilo.