Harper's Appeal of Niqab Ruling to SCOC Another Chunk of Red Meat for His Anti-Muslim Base

Beverley McLachlin -
Vendetta leader or Heroine
Despite his disastrous record in his past attempts to use the SCOC as a tool in his fear of Muslims and terrorists campaigns, Harper has asked for a 'stay' [which would put the pro-Niqab wearing ruling on hold and stop the practice immediately] as well as appealing the ruling by the Federal Appeals Court. The whole thing will certainly drag out until long after the election on Oct. 19th. That's all Harper's team wants, they'll lose of course, but Harper gets to use it as red meat for his base of anti-Muslim evangelical, Tea Party like fanatics.

The National Post published 'A scorecard of the Harper government’s wins and losses at the Supreme Court of Canada' in it they say, "In one of starkest examples in Canadian history of two branches of government openly turning against one another, the red robed members Supreme Court of Canada have spent months systematically shooting down virtually every issue the Conservatives hold dear. Court boosters say the Tories simply have a fondness for unconstitutional legislation. Harperites, meanwhile, allege that they are the target of a weird vendetta from their down-the-street neighbour."

Vendetta eh. Goes right along with the new book out by Globe and Mail journalist John Ibbitson, among the issues covered in the book is Harper’s distrust of the courts and legal community and his unprecedented public criticism last year of McLachlin, which critics said was an effort to intimidate the court.

Harper has privately fumed to his inner circle that under the leadership of Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, the Supreme Court of Canada has become a “sociology seminar” that emasculates the power of Parliament. Further Ibbitson says the staff convinced a seething Harper not to launch full-on public assault on Supreme Court. Ibbitson writes that Harper’s criticism of the chief justice Beverley McLachlin set a “dangerous precedent”.

Given Canada's constitutional setup Harper is right, Beverley McLachlin and the SCOC are the last chance there is to stop Harper and the corporate juggernaut's lock-step march with it's NWO criminal brethern. The Niqab ruling is supported by Mulcair, Trudeau and May hopefully on broader moral grounds than narrow political ones.

Harper's agenda must be stopped, remember on Oct 19th that Beverley McLachlin, hated and feared as she is by Harper, is our heroine right now but unless Harper is stopped by Canada's voters the corporations will win.