Stopping Harper and His Fear-Monger Allies is the Main Goal of Strategic Voters on Heave Steve Day

Harper is out beating the fear drum again these last two days...FEAR the terrorists, 'only i can protect you' he intones, but the real truth is the biggest threat to the safety and security of Canadians is Harper and his fear-mongering neo-con ilk.

As Haroon Siddiqui said in The Star recently: "Harper makes the mission against the Islamic State sound like holy war against evil." Then explains that  "Our [Canadian] presence there motivates the angry lone wolfs here to attack Canadian targets. It also prompts some young Canadians to go join the Islamic State in an ill-conceived solidarity with Muslims." Adding: "Whereas all this is presented as jihad and jihadism reality is more prosaic. In just about every case of jihadist attack, either carried out or foiled, the stated reason is the same: retaliation for the endless wars on Muslim nations. But Harper won’t hear of it."

Considering that recently a US ex-intelligence chief's comments on the rise of ISIS in which he said It was "a willful Washington decision" it seems important to look more closely the history of how and why the neo-cons here in Canada and their masters in Washington consistently choose to mis-placed the blame on Muslims generally instead of Whabbism and Salafism which bankroll and export their genocidal religious terrorist delusions throughout the Middle East. This excellent, short, well written article blows apart Harper's fear-mongering with facts, a must read IMO.

As of this morning Canada's opposition parties are focusing their critique of Harper's fear-mongering on questions about why the Harper govt. has done nothing about trying to curb the roots of home grown Canadian based radicalization and just what Harper and the Cons are trying to distract the attention of Canadian voters from. One obvious answer is Harper's disastrous economic policies but another more imminent threat, IMO, is the re-opening of the Mike Duffy trail today and especially the testimony of his former chief of staff Nigel Wright, starting probably tomorrow. Of course Wright is expected to toe the Harper line, and has been training for his testimony for awhile now, but he could possibly be tripped up by an expert interrogator, Perry Mason style, and be put in a position where even the best concocted story unravels and Harper ends up 'under the bus'.

Another interesting piece out yesterday concerns Damian Clairmont's mother Christianne Boudreau, an Alberta woman whose 22-year-old son was killed while fighting with Islamic extremists in Syria who says: "Stephen Harper is looking for a quick fix to deal with terrorism instead of addressing the root cause of radicalized youth." Adding "I believe Harper is overblowing the sense of fear and it's causing a lot more fear in the public than there needs to be. You can't oversee everybody in Canada and watch their travel,"

Harper's fear-mongering reflects his abuse neo-con informed political tactics as a whole. Harper's mis-information and his one sided exaggerations are aimed only at his base of voters, the old, the easliy frightened, those whose only consideration is their mistaken belief that their bank account is the only issue that matters, his corporate benefactors and the delusional dominionists who, like Harper, believe that furthering the cause of Armageddon and their imaginary Rapture are the only issue -  which is a big part of both Harper's anti-science/anti-environment policies and his unwavering support of Zionism.

The only way, given the first-past-the-post voting system here in Canada and the existing division of the 3 opposition parties on the ground that Canadians can stop Harper and his neo-con ilk is by cooperating in a one-time people's coalition on 'Heave Steve Day' by holding their individual noses long enough to vote for the candidate mostly likely to beat the Conservatives in their riding in the next election especially in the swing ridings and those newly formed ridings that are 'to close to call'.

The Tyee has an excellent article today about strategic voting in the upcoming national election on Oct 19th and some of the groups out working hard to achieve the goal of stopping Herper.