Stop Harper Campaigns Online and On the Street Show Canadians are United Against Conservatives

There are more Stop Harper Campaigns on the go across Canada than could have been hoped for. They range form one person, an 80+ year old lady carrying a Stop Harper signboard on a street corner in Harper's riding in Alberta, to the National Stop Harper Campaign, to the, at times humorous, 'Shit Harper Did' site and hundreds more...

The image above caught my eye because of its simplicity and its sincerity. At this point nobody knows if Harper's past hold on power through divide and conquer tactics will work again but it's clear that well over two thirds of Canadians not only oppose Harper's neo-fascist dictatorship, they openly ridicule it.

One of the Harper's worst assaults is his religiously myopic anti-science policies based on his delusional evangelical beliefs. Harper’s Church, the Evangelical Christian and Missionary Alliance, is “committed to the the authority of the bible”. Recently they wrote an 'Open Letter to Pope Francis on Climate Change' which is so totally based on fear mongering ignorance that it's little wonder so many of harper's opponents agree that 'The Harper Conservatives are afraid of Science'.

None of these campaigns have had as much effect as Veterans Against Conservatives, a group, of veterans and supporters and who disagree with Harper's policies and is asking all Canadians to support their campaign - Anyone But Conservatives - Canadian Veterans Campaign 2015 - and on Oct. 19 vote to defeat Harper's Conservative government.

The veterans campaign is reaching far and wide as this week's Insights West poll finds one-third of 2011 Conservative voters considering other party - 'Poll Shows Treatment of Vets Could Hurt Tory Base'. In case you've forgotten why are the vets declaring war on the Harper-Cons here's a partial list of their grievances: In the past decade Harper's Conservatives closed offices, cut 900 jobs, clawed back benefits, killed lifetime pensions for Afghanistan veterans, and failed to spend $1.13 billion of the Veterans Affairs budget but found money to increase advertising and ceremonies for politicians to honour veterans as well as spend over $700,000 fighting Canada’s veterans in court.

Next up, The Mud Report will publish its own long, but undoubetly incomplete list of Harper's assualt on Canada.