Tsipras to Sign Most Punitive Austerity Package Ever in Exchange for Meaningless Relief Promise

Greece's finance minister at  London Conference of 1953 signing a treaty agreeing to cancel 50% of Germany's debt 

Despite the overwhelming mandate delivered by the 62% vote in favour of, OXI, demanding no more austerity, despite the fact that many of the world's leading economists and both the US and its puppet the IMF agree that the EU and German austerity demands have crushed Greece's economy, Alexis Tsipras has caved and "with lightning speed now agreed to put his name to the most punitive austerity package any government has been asked to implement during the five years of economic crisis in Greece." - The Guardian. 

It appears that after having fired Varoufakis for refusing to be part of the capitulation, Tsipras is now grovelling for any hint of 'debt relief' being even mentioned by the Germans and their northern European lapdogs. Earlier today German officials seemed to blink when they conceded that Greece needs debt relief but at the same moment Merkel was saying that there was zero chance of debt reduction. So it's bullshit, the EU will 'pretend and extend', Greece's poor will suffer even more while Greece's oligarchs and their euro scum partners continue to fleece the poor.

In the last few days the IMF, undoubtedly with Obama's blessing, allowed an internal document that was highly critical of austerity as a solution to the world's growing 99% vs. 1% divide to be made public. Saying in part "that the strong pro-capitalist policies at the centre of its activities in developing countries for the past 30 years do not work." Further, "that the IMF’s claims of reform on conditionality do not stand up to close scrutiny." In addition "the IMF report contradicted its long-held position of following hard-nosed capitalist guidelines. It said that the dreaded concept of 'trickle-down' economics -- which it forced on developing countries -- should be abandoned." In short, austerity doesn't work!

Another report yesterday by Global Exchange charges that the IMF contributes to poverty instead of alleviating it: "Nearly 80 per cent of all malnourished children in the developing world live in countries where farmers have been forced to shift from food production for local consumption to the production of export crops destined for wealthy countries."

The IMF is the financial wing of the US military and only acts or speaks in the service of the global capitalist Empire's continued war on the poor. In that role, because their masters now believe that world opinion has turned against the financial elites at least momentarily, they are appearing to put pressure on their German partners to speak the words debt relief as a seeming compromise to Greece for it's capitulation.

The real pressure on the Empire, the pressure that can't be spoken of by the corporate media, isn't coming from the Bankers and Billionaires Club and never will be. The real pressure is coming from the street, from the world's downtrodden masses who have little left and are becoming more dangerous to the elites daily.

One extralarge pain in the ass to the Empire is Beppo Grillo who's bottom up, common sense, solutions to the Eurozone scam and his outspoken refusal to genuflect at the alter of greed clearly shows that contagion is in the air. Just today the mainstream corporate parties in Italy were forced to debate, and of course reject, a proposal by Grillo's party, M5S, in the Italian Senate that was backed by over 300,000 Italian signatures [in a single week] in support of a popular petition not just about an exit from the Euro - - but even from the European Union.

Today is just another day in WWIII. The Greek referendum results, as expected, split along class lines, with the nation's poor voting overwhelmingly against the austerity package, and rich people voting "Yes." In the days to come Alexis Tsipras will argue that what was good for Germany in 1953 would be good for Greece in 2015, but it'll be just another example of his flip floppety non-leadership. Those who voted OXI will know the truth, SYRIZA members will too.

Will Alexis Tsipras hold on to power after this betrayal of the poor? Who knows. Why would he do it? Perhaps he had a visit from a CIA type who explained to him that his life expectancy and that of his family was very short unless...Events are spinning out of control, the world is on fire, the New World Order [NWO] will not give up its wealth and power voluntarily. i expect Greece to explode and the tsunami that follows to reach every shore.