Canadians' Biggest Threat to Safety and Security is Harper and his Fear-Mongering Chicken-Hawks

Today in Ottawa Harpo is beating the fear drum louder than ever. He and his evangelical co-hort are following the GW Bush/Netanhayu game plan to stay in power by manipulating the unfounded fears of their poulations. Fortunately on this topic all the opposition parties agree [though for some reason Justin Trudeau refuses to connect the dots on Harpo's Secret Police Act - Bill C-51].

Crawford Kilian's piece today at the Tyee - 'How Harper Turned Canada into a Rogue State' - takes on the historic as well as the recent 'how' of Harpo's strategy. Besides focusing on the diversionary swivel from tar sands and corporate ass-kissers to war PM Kilian also says: "Harper and the Conservatives are classic Bush-style chicken-hawks." A phrase lifted from Jessie Ventura in his rants agains Bushy and his bullshit.

Another well worth the read was written by Haroon Siddiqui  in the The Star yesterday and titled 'Stephen Harper's flip-flop on war fits pattern of deceit'  In it Haroon says: "Harper makes the mission against the Islamic State sound like holy war against evil." Then explains that  "Our [Canadian] presence there motivates the angry lone wolfs here to attack Canadian targets. It also prompts some young Canadians to go join the Islamic State in an ill-conceived solidarity with Muslims." Adding: "Whereas all this is presented as “jihad” and “jihadism” — a product of “violent Islam,” no less — reality is more prosaic. In just about every case of “jihadist” attack, either carried out or foiled, the stated reason is the same: retaliation for the endless wars on Muslim nations. But Harper won’t hear of it."

Harpo and his ilk are only interested in power not peace just as Netanhayu was in the Israeli election last week. The slight difference in their rhetoric is emblematic of the underlying amount of delusional fear within the two populations. Canada still has a majority of folks not yet completely paralysed by fear, in fact many recent polls are showing that the fear-mongering isn't working and that support for the 'chickenhawks' is dropping coast to coast to coast.

As Crawford Kilian, a Vietnam era dissenter, points out, asserted effort by resistance can change the mndset of the even the most ardent pro-war person when the reality of it strikes close enough to their home. i lived through that era too, an era of perhaps even larger lies about the motives behind that atrocity and the facts on the ground. Back then the chicken-hawks were still trumpeting the 'commie under every bed' lies, now it's 'a terrorist under every bed'. The names have changed slightly but the methods and the motives are the same.

The biggest threats to the safety and security of Canadians are Harpo and fear-mongering chicken-hawks. The only way that Canadians can stop Harpo and his ilk is by cooperating in a one-time people's coilition to 'Heave Steve' by holding their individual noses long enough to vote for the mostly likely candidate to beat the Conservatives in their riding in the next election especially in the swing ridings and those newly formed ridings that are 'to close to call'