Canada's Upcoming Election a Choice Between Imaginary Fear and Freedom..."Heave Steve"

This year's national elections here in Canada are the most important in the 45 years i've lived here. The Conservatives and Liberals, each with their corporate ass kissing lips permanently browned have traded positions as dictator and loyal opposition throughout. Now both support the much hated Anti-Terrorism Bill C-51.

Fortunately the corporate ass-kissers face opposition from both the NDP and the Greens in Ottawa and all the usual suspects across Canada. Globally Bill C-51 is seen for what it is - fear-mongering. Edward Snowden's 'Warning to Canada' is well worth the few minutes it takes to read. In it the world famous whistleblower talks Bill C-51 and 'weak' oversight of our intelligence agencies including a warning to Canadians to be 'Extraordinarily Cautious' over accepting the anti terror bill.

After Snowden's address via conference call journalist Glen Greenwald said, “If you are a Canadian citizen, you have a greater chance of dying by being struck by lightning than you do dying in a terrorist attack.”. Adding, “Your government continuously hypes the threat and tells you that unless you give it more and more power it will be incapable of saving you from this threat... this fear-mongering is a very dangerous, yet very effective form of persuading people to submit to things you otherwise wouldn't submit to."

Canada, Mitchell Anderson says, "...arguably leads the world in harmonious diversity, which also helps explain why Canada is so comparatively safe from extremist threats. For the most part, people of all ethnicities and cultures feel welcome, respected and included, undermining extremist recruitment efforts and making Canadians of all backgrounds inclined to alert authorities to potential threats."

Anderson's article, 'Harper's Terror Rhetoric Is Alienating Allies', focuses on Mubin Shaikh, an ex-CSIS operative on the front lines of fighting extremism, illustrates why Stephen Harper's overheated rhetoric on so-called jihadi threats is making our country more dangerous, not more safe. For example, Harpo's recent election-style speech unveiling Bill C-51 referenced jihad 15 times.

Harpo uses jihad and the unfortunate murders of two servicemen by mentally ill Canadians to serve up his foul message but his aim is to give security agencies even more power to spy on and silence citizen activities that interfere with "the economic or financial stability of Canada.” Harpo's objective is to silence those who oppose corporate or government projects through threats of surveillance, interrogation or worse.

It's already working, in the last few days a number of Mud Report readers have mentioned that writing articles like this one or attending protests are both meaningless and dangerous. Chilling eh! "

Anderson asks "Is the Harpo government unraveling this unique and precious aspect of Canadian culture for short-term political gain?". No, IMO Harpo's goal is much larger than short term politics. Harpo and those like him everywhere seek total the domination of our lives, total submission to the whims of the elites in their 'War on the Wild' by all those who defend the Great Mother.

"The Goddess in all her manifestations was a symbol of the unity of all life in Nature. Her power was in water and stone, in tomb and cave, in animals and birds, snakes and fish, hill, trees, and flowers." - Marija Gimbutas 

This year's election in Canada is much more than the usual choice between corporate hacks, this time Canadians are choosing between fear and freedom, between corporate criminals and the biosphere.