Only Intact Ecosystems Can Really 'Save BC Wolves', the Cariboo or the Rest of Us

B.C. Gray Wolf targeted in 'War on the Wild'

Thanks to Pacific Wild for spearheading the efforts of "A coalition of 60 environmental groups from across the province including the local Valhalla Wilderness Watch has sent the provincial government an open letter signed by 173,000 people from around the world, which calls for an end to the wolf cull."- The Nelson Daily

Titled: 'Save B.C. Wolves' the letter says in part:
"Your government’s claim that killing wolves will save these caribou populations has no scientific basis as proven by the failure of BC’s wolf “reduction” programs, involving the sterilization, killing, trapping and/or poisoning of wolves. For years, these programs have failed to halt the decline in imperiled caribou populations. Killing more wolves will not miraculously save the caribou. The caribou populations are declining because for decades your government has failed to adequately protect their habitat."

As the letter says, this isn't a new issue, successive governments have known, science has known and spoken out for decades.Yet a series of governments of all denominations found it more expedient to let the developers, trophy hunters and snowmobilers destroy more and more habitat.

It's important to recognize that today the MSM from Vancouver to Nelson to Edmonton have come out in strong support of stopping the Wolf kill.

175,000 people have signed the 'Save B.C. Wolves' petition at Change.org as of this morning. It's meaningless of course, but i'm a proud signer. Might as well use one's god-given middle finger when applicable eh. Sign Here...Wave finger momentarily.

The division of opinion on this issue in BC is a reflection of the much broader cultural division between those who believe technology will save us and and those who believe it's nature, in this case, intact ecosystems are the only thing that can save the caribou, the wolves and the rest of us. That deeper division is behind the 'War on the Wild' that The Mud Report has focused on from it's beginning to just a few articles ago.

In an intact ecosystem millions of other life forms are interlaced in a wild web of life with the cariboo and wolves. Each has it's place, all are equal. Technology means heriachy not equality. Where one sees potential commodities, the other sees the Great Mother.