Join Vancouver's Stop Bill C -51 Rally Monday March 2nd, Don't Let Dissent be Silenced!

Harper is using the 'jihadi threat' fear tactic to silence dissent

Vancouver organizaers are expecting a big crowd for the Stop Bill C -51 Rally and March, Monday March 2nd, 4:00-5:30 pm at Broadway and Commercial. Just Say No to the Anti-Terrorism Act, join the rally. A sunny day, all kinds of people, music, head on down, it'll be a hoot. For more information contact Lawyers Against The War

Make no mistake about it, silencing dissent, is the objective of the Conservatives C-51 Bill under the thin cloak of anti-terrorism. In reality there's not one word or dollar going torward prevention of radicalization in Canada. Opposition is growing. Just today a group of 100 academics, made up mainly of law professors from across Canada, have signed an open letter arguing the proposed bill has major problems that threaten Canadians' privacy and freedom of speech and that  C-51 is dangerous' legislation.

The most quoted legal opinion - Bill C-51: A Legal Primer by Clayton Ruby and Nader R. Hasan - concludes, Bill C-51's "overly broad and unnecessary anti-terrorism reforms could criminalize free speech."

As Keith Jones explains: "No one should be taken in by the government’s pretense that “lawful dissent” will be protected from CSIS dirty tricks and provocations. Canada’s national security apparatus is notorious for spying on socialist, labor, anti-war, environmental, and aboriginal groups and justifying it on the grounds that one of their members “may” engage in unlawful activity sometime in the future."

In Ottawa the NDP now says they're 'again' it, the Liberals look squeamish at best, Justin's worst decision ever. Where would we be without Elizabeth May who from Day #1 has spoken out saying: “[Bill C-51] is about creating a secret police. It's the death of freedom,” Elizabeth's excellent interview in The Strait pulls no punches as well. May is the only truly progressive voice people have in Parliament.