IMF's Solution to Ukraine's Bankruptcy - More Debt, Conditionality and Austerity...Just Like Greece

Today the IMF announced a new $17.5bn bailout package for Ukraine. In return Ukraine will have to present a “program of deep economic reforms,” which includes the whole economy and a plan to transform Naftogaz, Ukraine's state oil and gas company. This is the next stage in the US dominated criminal's conditionality noose designed to privatize [steal] Ukraine's huge offshore oil and gas reserves.

In IMF jargon it's called 'structural adjustment requirements', the same requirements that have strangled Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland and many others and are the focus of Naomi Klein's 'The Shock Doctrine' require that certain initial conditions are met before a 'loan' is granted. As the international study 'Conditionally Yours', an analysis of the policy conditions attached to IMF loans' states, "If countries are genuinely facing protracted and serious debt problems, then IMF lending only makes the situation worse."

Almost exactly one year ago The Mud Report began a wide ranging series of articles on Ukraine. Some of them focused on how the IMF is dominated by the U.S. who, as the main shareholder, has veto power over its actions. The IMF is a tool of the Empire of Debt generally and of U.S. foreign policy particularly. The debt's conditions will be used to put their water, electricity, public transportation, vast agricultural lands and other public infrastructure on the block . These common assets in Ukraine [and everywhere the slime goes] are real wealth that will be scooped up with pockets full of empty fiat currency by criminal capitalist speculators. This scam is the maybe the biggest crime in human history.

This new steaming pile of bullshit emanating from the Snidley Whiplashes of international banking who are again rubbing their hands together in lust because they know that Ukraine possesses 30% of the world's richest black soil and as well as other vast commonly owned real wealth. Once again the IMF is showing the same bankruptcy of morality and stupidity that has the earmarked their entire existance. To the IMF, a subsidiary of the Bankers and Billionaires Club, there's only one solution to being bankrupted by your previous debts...more debt.

Fortunately, more and more folks everywhere understand that the corporate mainstearm media are merely mouthpieces of the elites. Our world is breaking under the weight of lies  "We are living in an era where a single statement of truth will drive a pin into the global bubble of phantom assets and debts, and the lies spewed to justify those bubbles." - Charles Hugh Smith.

Greece could be the pin, the domino, that turns our darkness toward the light. But if it isn't, there will be another and another behind it because: "An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come." - Victor Hugo