Greece Will Be Safe From Wolves of Wall St by Building With BRICS - Other PIGS to Follow

Looks like the Bankers and Billionaires Club has inherited the wind, at last. Not only is Greece not caving in to German demands they are growing more confident by the day. What was looking like a bluff by Syriza last weekend was then, in poker parlance, called and raised by Germany and the Europen Central Bank. How, i wondered could bankrupt Greece continue to stand tall in the face of such a well heeled opponent's bet. The only answer is that they already have the winning hole cards they need.

Then when German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble pushed the door open to possible Russian financial aid for Greece yesterday it became clearer what those hole cards are. Perhaps it's Russia they've made a 'bridging loan' deal with but i doubt it as both parties have said it ain't so publically. Russia has its own issues right now, but China is another story. China has trillons of US dollars stashed away so Greece's debt is a pimple on their balance sheet and BRICS has plenty of money too.

Apparently this Wednesday, Feb. 11th, we'll all see that what's at stake is everything. Syriza either folds, and cedes by withdrawing all demands or it exits the Eurozone - GREXIT. The corporate media in the west continues to pound out the drumbeat that Greece is in over its head, that unless they fold it'll be a disaster for Greece...but that's bullshit. In reality Greece will survive but the Eurozone may not. In fact the whole criminal banking mafia is so intertwinned in their derivative schemes any crack in the wall of belief now holding the forces of equality at bay could spell doom for the global elites.

Syriza is playing this high stakes game in support of the future of Greece on the one hand, but on the other they are fighting for us all. As the Automatic Earth blog says today: "...that is what Syriza, and precious few besides them, are set to fight. And why they deserve – and need – our support. Because if they don’t win, we don’t."

Apparently scotch sales soared at the Bankers and Billionaires Club today as another huge crack in the criminal's wall was exposed when Details Nefarious Tactics of Global Tax-Dodgers 'Biggest Banking Leak in History' broke. The times they are a changin'. Greece has stood tall. 'Contagion' will be the next keyword as Spain, Italy and Portugal, collectively called the PIGS, will follow soon after. 'It Can Be Done'.

Remember how in the old nursery rhyme the smart little pig builds his house out of bricks to stay safe from the wolf. Well. it's still true with a bitta tweaking. Now its the PIGS who will build their home's using BRICS to keep them safe from the wolves of Wall St.