"Be Not Afraid" of Corporate Shills, Bill C-51's Goal is to Silence Critics Not Protect Canadians

The verdict about Hapo's latest fear mongering 'security bill - C-51 - is in. From the Globe and Mail to Rabble, it's unanimous...Harpo's a lying, manipulative, politician much more interested in his own future than yours or mine. Two days ago Rabble said: "Against this backdrop, the Liberals cowardly caved and announced they would support the bill even before it was studied in the House of Commons. A wary NDP expressed tepid opposition, with only Elizabeth May calling it what it is: "The Act to Create a New Secret Police."

Now that everyone including longtime NDP stalwats Ed Broadbent and Roy Romanow have come out against the bill Tom Mulcair has found the cajones to say the NDP will oppose the bill. His new position would seem much less like crass political positioning if he had, like Elizabeth May did, come out swinging from day one instead of converting on the road to Jerusalam. At least he did it.

Maybe the best article i've read so far comes from First Nations activist Pam Palmeter who long standing opposition to Harpo's assault on those who decry extractive capitalism is unassialable. First prize for outspoken disgust goes to Rafe Mair who's article 'How Quickly Politics of Fear Could Transform Canada', among other great bits says: "Prime Minister Stephen Harper, unless thwarted by a surge of surprising voter intelligence, has found the winning formula. Leading his coven of three-piece-suit and pearl necklace know-nothings, he will rally the electorate in a rout of the mortally dangerous non-Christian hordes within and without our borders, saving God from Allah and leaving Trudeau and Mulcair gasping for air, something they excel at."

And the best statement overall came from the now 95-year-old pacifist Frank Showler of Toronto, who reminded one church group that "all through the Bible, there is a pretty consistent message that we can all take heart from: Be not afraid. And so perhaps a very good response to Bill C-51 is to declare that its potential passage will not deter or censor us, or make us back down: we will unashamedly continue our work for justice, our solidarity with those unjustly targeted, and our loving resistance to the criminal actions of this government and its agencies."

The broad strokes in Harpo's bill that activists condemn as stage dressing for further assualts upon any who dare to resist corporate control are valid but..."Be not afraid." of the fear mongers or their false message. "Be not afraid" because the fearful are easily manipulated and soon silenced. "Be not afraid" of corporate/government message control tactics, stand up to it, speak out against it.

Corporate control of the message was the focus yesteday's post, today's is an extension of that message..

Where would Canada be without Elizabeth May?