Greece Has the Leverage - Deflation Stalks the EU - the Empire of Debt is Crumbling - Putin Smiles

Thousands of Spaniards join Podemos in 'March for Change'

Fueled by Syriza's victory in Greece, tens of thousands of Spaniards filled Madrid's landmark Puerta del Sol yesterday at a rally called by Spain's anti-austerity party Podemos. Seems the EU and the German's pressure has freedom squeezing out in all directions.

The ECB threatened Athens today with a complete cutoff on Feb. 28th unless the Greeks comply. Rumors abound that behind the scenes, in a shot across the Petrodollar bow, Putin and BRICS are giving Greece, assurances that they'll step in if/when they exit the Euro madness.. The ECB is itself the 'bad bank', it holds empty paper and Greece's announced path forward is potentially the beginning of the end of the Eurozone. "One can almost see why Greece does think it has all the leverage."- 0Hedge

A few days ago Russian Minister of Agriculture Nikolai Fyodorov said at a news conference in Berlin: “If Greece has to leave the European Union, we will build our own relations with it, the food ban will not be applicable to it.” Day after day, as Syriza holds it's ground.the pressure from the Empire's lead jackals will intensify. Setting a deadline will make it easier, not harder, for Syriza to stand up. They'll be printing Drachmas any day now.

Greece, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Portugal like Iceland, Argentina and Brazil before them, face the same common enemy - the Bankers and Billionaires Club's whose favorite hit-men are the EU, IMF and USA.. The Empire of Debt is on shaky ground right now, shit like deflation has 'em baffled. Oil prices plummeted but westtern 'consumers' only spent half on crap, the other half they used to pay off debt. Neither deflation or debt repayment makes millionaires into billionaires so...The Mud Report predicts a deafening drumbeat of propaganda in support of this bankrupt system now threatening Athens.

The Empire needs the world addicted to phoney money, especially the petrodollar. As the debt driven consumption cycle crumbles the truth that, though it appears to own everything, the Empire only owns paper becomes more clear. Once upon a time the Pope divided up the world and gave each Catholic empire a share on paper too..paper withers, paper burns, the Empire owns fumes and they know it.

The outcome is unknown, February could be historic. The outcome will hopefully be a decades long slow deflationary period leading to the rejection of billionaire based globalization and the gradual return of local manufacturing and agricultural jobs along with a huge drop in the consumption of needless crap everywhere.

The collapse of the Empire of Debt is the only viable route to the solutions we all know must happen: increased small scale organic agriculture, including a return to grass fed animals raised on perennial grasses, which in combination lead to re-sequestration of GHGs back into the soil and a real hope for our children and their children and...