Putin Cool and Confident During 3hr. Grilling by the Global Media, Bear and Ruble Will Be Fine

President of Russia Vladimir Putin during his news conference

Two days ago, Dec.18, 2014, Vladimir Putin answered every question from journalists and others around the world during his tenth annual major news conference. For over three hours the Russian president transfixed the world’s media, even those who viscerally oppose him. From geo-politics to Moscow's horrendous parking, from war to love, Putin answered everything the diverse global media asked without notes. On both the local and international level, no current leader fascinates the media like Putin.

Pepe Escobar, an independent journalist at the news conference, wrote yesterday, "Putin was so cool, calm, collected – and eager to delve into details - at his press conference because he knows Moscow is able to move in total autonomy"  His article about the experience, 'What Putin is not telling us',.explains why Russia in that position, saying, "This is – of course – an asymmetrical war – against a crumbling, dangerous empire. This is a chess game. The raid on the ruble was supposed to be a checkmate. It’s not."

The Daily Telegraph says, "Mr Putin denied feeding a new Cold War, railed against NATO expansion in eastern Europe – a favorite theme – and, in his most interesting language, wheeled out the image of the Russian bear to illustrate the West’s contempt for Moscow. “The bear eats berries and honey,” the Russian president said. “Will the bear ever be left in peace? No, they will always try to chain him up and tear out his fangs and claws… then stuff him or put his skin on the wall."

The highlights and clips still up from the Telegraph's live feed are available here. Including the portion where Putin explains how time and the Russian Bear will tend its temporarily withered ruble. Putin explained how this too shall pass, the world will need Russia's energy resources, the ruble will be fine.

Putin has another huge advantage - Russians aren't Americans. Putin, or any Russian leader, can tell the country to tighten their belts and they will. In fact they rally in support [Putin's ratings are up 10 points in the last 2 weeks to 80%]. Americans on the other hand are scared shitless of every moving shadow. Right now they're scared of North Korea somehow attacking America's movie theaters, they're scared of Iran, scared of China, scared of...Did you see the reaction to Ebola? Americans are terrorized, they live on an emotional knife-edge, very dangerous for all of us.

'Peace on Earth' can only happen after escaping the culture of fear.

Fear worked well for our ancestors when they needed to run from a predator or avoid the rising flood, but this ancient, occasionally useful, tool, this servant, has been turned into straight jacket. Freedom isn't fear, it's the lack of it. Freedom is joy, freedom is peace and confidence that we are connected, all, flora-fauna-microbes-minerals-forces and faeries, in this together.