The Local and State Initiative Process is the Last Vestiage of Real Democracy Left in Distopia

Tomorrow, is mid-term election day - Ballot Day in the U.S. of Distopia. From all accounts it'll be the best example ever of how money talks. Lawrence Norden and Wendy Weiser of Brennan Center's Democracy Program said earlier today, "Cash from unknown sources is flooding the most important races, while state politicians have instituted new barriers to the ballot box for millions of Americans. Regardless of who wins, the integrity of our elections has been undermined." On election eve, the results are already known, deep-pocketed dark money has bought itself another win.

Fortunately though their victory is incomplete and the corporate criminals are pouring millions a day, billions into key races, lest any breath, any hint, of another way raise its head. They know that the local and state initiative process is the last vestiage of real democracy left in Distopia.

Tomorrow voters in Alaska, Oregon and the District of Columbia will vote on measures that would allow recreational use of marijuana for adults. As well various reform laws appear on 7 state at least 17 municipal, and one U.S. territory. There's votes on abortion [where the other edge of direct democracy's knife is winning], on gun control, on mandatory labeling of GMOs - our right to know what's in the food we eat.

Unfortunately the deep pockets, like Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, have been busy spreading fear and general bullshit in a multi-million dollar media blitz all across the country. As usual fear works and in many votes that looked solidly progressive just days ago things look 50/50 now. Here's a great guide to important voter initiatives all across Distopia put together by the folks at CommonDreams.

Tomorrow night, homegrown doobie and non-GMO munchies nearby, i'll look to Oregon where i think most folks understand that if the billionaires, corporations and Chamber of Commerce are all preaching the same bogeyman story it must be bullshit. And i'll look to Colorado where, having seen the bogeyman wears no clothes on the legal pot situation, where libertarians live up every driveway, where folks believe they have a right to know, to be the first state, followed a bit later by Oregon, to mandate GMO labeling.

Finally, as the picture above shows, the initiative process has even brought real democracy to Washington D.C. The local and state initiative process is the last vestiage of real democracy left in Distopia.