Rand Paul's Senate 'No' Vote on the NSA Reform Bill Shows He's Just Another Politician

Rand Paul...sure ain't Ron

Many media outlets are focusing on what Glenn Greenwald calls a "Summary of the (non-tea-party) GOP argument against NSA reform: 9/11, ISIS, 9/11, ISIS, 9/11, ISIS, ISIS and 9/11" But Libertarians are all sadly reading articles about how 'Libertarian Champion Rand Paul Helped Kill NSA Reform Bill' or 'Rand Paul Beats Ted Cruz, Saves NSA From Reform’ at the Daily Beast.

Rand Paul showed by voting No that, like Obama before him, talk is cheap. Rand isn't Ron. Ron Paul. Ron many tough votes in his long career in the House of Representatives. He took 'em and he defended 'em afterwards in part by saying his position was what he stood for long before there was a bill to be voted on. Instead Rand, the son, voted for what he sees as best for his candidacy for President in '16. Rand Paul is just another politician.

This bill would have ended the NSA’s bulk collection of metadata, first brought to public knowledge by Edward Snowden; created a special advocate position to argue against the government in the FISA courts; and allowed tech companies to release statistics about government demands for information. Paul's lame post vote justifications are being widely met with a combo-nation of laughter, tears, and jeers.

Obama's voting record in the Senate showed long before his betrayal of all those promises where he was really at. Overjoyed and blinded by hope in real change through the process i fell for Obama's words in '07 and refused to listen to clearer minds warning me. Along comes Paul the younger and because his dad is such a straight shooter, i was buying into Rand's palaver, not anymore...

The Mud Report has been quick to praise Rand in the past for his seemingly heart-felt rhetoric on the issue of our right to privacy. But Rand's duplicitous vote has changed that. Further, it makes me doubt the underlying nature of the all his earlier rhetoric. From foreign policy to drug legalization, Rand Paul is sliding to Mitch McConnell's mushy Republican middle on issue after issue. It reminds me of Paul Simon's Slip Slidin Away..."You know the nearer your destination. The more you're slip slidin' away."

i used to think/hope wistfully that if Rand were to have a Libertarian epiphany and see that abortion is a private/personal, decision that is outside the purview of government, that homosexuality is too, that a real libertarian philosophy encompasses the fact that every individual has the right to clean air and water and that corporations aren't real people and have no right to poison anyone's water and air, he could be elected President in 2016. Now i know Rand Paul is jusyt another politician