Oregon Set to Become a Part of History With Twin Legal Pot and GMO Labeling Initiative Wins

The clock is ticking, two weeks to go. On Nov. 4th Oregonians get to vote on initiatives legalizing pot, #91, and GMO Labeling, #92. The two Yes campaigns have similarities, including supporters. The big difference between them is that just as in the prior mandatory GMO labeling votes in California and Washington, the corporate goons are spreading the bucks and lies around, but, whereas in the past the pot legalization efforts in other states always faced lagging far behind in fund raising, now that Colorado and Washington have had such success, many of the nay-sayers have packed up their tents and its the Yes campaign raising way more money..

Tax revenues in both Wash and Colo. are up far beyond projections. Colorado estimated revenue prior to passage – Year 1: $4.7m to $22.6m Actual revenue from recreational – Year 1 in first 6 months: $17.2 million - Colorado Department of Revenue, July 2014 Crime and traffic accidents, both bogey men in earlier anti-pot campaigns, have decreased since legalization. The Washington stats are similar though of shorter duration due to the more effective foot-dragging by politicians in Wasgington St. Colorado has also seen a explosion in jobs related to pot tourism, motels, car rentals, tour operators, twinkie sales...they all employ people who in turn buy stuff and pay taxes.

The website 'Sensible Changes Coming to Oregon – Be a part of history!' has an easy to use online registration setup [still 4 days o register]. Surely the good people of Oregon won't be hoodwinked by slick, fork tongued, liars as their neighbors in Wash. and Calif. were. But who knows...in the meantime there's lot of good info and encouraging testimony on the Yes on 92 website.

The Yes on 91 website is great too and it's chocked full of great info. and stats. on both Colorado and Washington. Living up here in Canada makes me jealous of the state by state initiative process in America. Though far from perfect and subject to big money's pressure, among other things, it does give people a venue to force change past the barrier of vested interests. Whether they take that opportunity or not...

Next year i'm hoping Justin Trudeau can use the genius of folks like Afroman, who's video below rocks my boat "Because i got high."